Finally the National 10 days Championship is done and we can only say AMAZING JOB and WELL DONE kids. 10 Days - 11 Medals. It was long and difficult Championship but all of you did great! That's exactly what we are looking for! We do not want to have an individual result, we want to see your TEAMWORK with the following success! And that's exactly what you have demonstrated at this competition! Next year we will do even better. We all proud of you!

Special Thank you is for our Gold Medalists! 

Thomas Huang did a totally inredible by taking 2 gold medals in just 2 days. Div3 and Div2 Men's Foil. Aweso  me Job!

Jerry Chang took gold at the strongest Junior Men's Foil event! Awesome Job! 

Our Team has taken a Gold too! Nice Job Guys! Eduard Zelinskiy, Jerry and Jason Chang.

Also we have a bronze medal! Thanks Kenny for nice performance at Div2 Men's Foil!

Jerry Wu, Jessica Wu, Pat Lutton, Adrian Sessions! Good Job Guys! Thank you for great performance and your medals that each of you have gotten for placing in top 8. (Y12 MF, Div2 WF, Vet-60 WE, Vet-60 MF).

Thomas Lutton was able to make to Vet World Championship this year! Great Job and hope you bring us Gold!  Congratulation.

Eduard Zelinskiy ( Div2 MF) and Victor Yin (Div3 MF) have finished top 16! Nice done!

We also want to say big big THANK YOU to Anastasia Vlasova, Shannon and Michael Wang, Abhi Dankar, Matthew and Elena Jin, Frederick Maa! You guys did GREAT and we are proud of all you!  We believe you will do much much better next season! Because next season is your turn to bring home medals!

Thank you to Runke Family for being there as a supportive team members!  

Thank you to all Le Club Touche Parents for being very supportive to your children and coaches during this long and difficult Championship..


Le Club Touche Team